7 top interview tips

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We’ve put together some top interview tips to help you get that perfect job.

1. Research

Make sure you read through the job description carefully, noting down essential skills and strengths on the way. Familiarise yourself with up-to-date knowledge about the company you are applying for and use this to match up their needs to your abilities. It pays to go the extra mile when researching. Find out how they performed financially, search their latest company news in the press (if any) and use their website/social media to try understand their culture. This will not only help you with preparation for interview questions but help you feel more like you understand their business.

2. Re-read your CV

Your CV may become the focus of the conversation, so updating your memory on your experience, achievements and qualifications will prepare you and help you remember what you need to know. Also, think of several examples of times you have accomplished something important and be specific about the tasks you were handed, how you went about it, any problems you faced and what helped you succeed.

3. Be punctual, look the part

Plan your travel, keep up-to-date with travel news and arrive 15 minutes before the interview is scheduled to start. Always be sure to look clean, smart and relevant to the industry and company you want to work for.
TOP TIP: If you do arrive especially early for your interview, resist the urge to sign in until 10mins before it is due to begin. The interviewer will be expecting you at the scheduled time and the early knowledge of knowing you are waiting can have an adverse effect on their mind set before you meet.

4. Stay on point

Make sure you answer the question you’ve specifically been asked. If you are quizzed about your ability to influence and you stray from this topic to discuss a different topic entirely, it only highlights that you easily divert from the subject at hand.

5. Emphasise your strengths

To stand out from the competition highlight your strengths that aren’t just a result from a job or a course; for example, ‘being persistent and hardworking’, or ‘a natural born leader’.

6. Listen

Listen carefully to what your interviewer says and wait until they have finished before you answer. This is vital. You will get the chance to speak but it is important you demonstrate the ability to actively listen.

7. Ask questions

This shows that you are genuinely interested in the job and have an inquisitive mind. Also, be sure to ask about anything you are unsure of. Also, be sure to ask them tricky questions about the company or the vacancy. An interview is not just about them making a decision about you as a potential employee, it’s also about you making sure they are a potential employer that is right for you.

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