6 IT careers to resolve 6 global issues

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Modern technology brings its own plethora of issues, which ironically, only IT can fix.

The IT workforce is increasing at its fastest rate since the end of the recession, it’s currently outstripping the rest of the economy threefold when it comes to job creation. Not surprising when you think of all the newly created global issues and how IT can be of help to a surprisingly high number of them.


Issue 1: IT Security breaches.

2015 saw three of the UK’s biggest data security breaches in recent history such as Moonpig, TalkTalk & Ashley Madison. The UK is currently second behind the US for data breaches, however, the greater concern is for those that are yet to come.




Issue 2: People living longer leads to increased healthcare and thus increasing costs in this sector.

The baby boom generation have started to retire and more people are living longer, resulting in the growing requirement of healthcare and the assisted living industry.





Issue 3: More startups plus more demand for workplace flexibility.

With the rise of telecommuting, co-working spaces, globalisation and new technology tools, workers are demanding flexibility from their workplace. More employees are willing to either switch employers or stay at their current employer, based on the flexibility offered.





Issue 4: In the very near future Adobe flash will not be a suitable solution for our tech.

Flash is the software tool that powers the animation you see when you surf the web. It’s used by web developers and coders to produce web content on the pages you visit to make them come alive. However, it’s clunky, it’s old, and it’s already blocked by some browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox.





Issue 5: An increase in the use of mobile devices to browse the internet which are typically much smaller & simpler than traditional desktop devices.

Mobile email was barely a blip on our radars in 2011, and made up just 8% of email opens. Fast forward to 2014, and nearly half of emails are opened on smartphones and tablets—a 500% increase in four years.





Issue 6: Machines are expected to replace humans in as many as half our jobs over next two decades.

Automation is impacting all types of jobs; it is predicted that machines might be able to do half of our jobs within the next two decades. Employers can expect to benefit from a more efficient production line and a lower cost of talent, while workers have fewer jobs and more pressure to produce or be replaced.





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