Ve Interactive

There were two key reasons we chose to outsource our recruitment exclusively to ThinkersConnect for all technology and commercial hiring. Firstly, we were not able to quickly and effectively source and secure the volume and calibre of talent we needed in order to deliver to business critical deadlines. Not only did ThinkersConnect provide a dedicated team of knowledgeable consultants that delivered the people we wanted, they also supplied an incredible talent pool within which we had no prior visibility.

Secondly, ThinkersConnect offered us a tailored invoicing solution that allowed us to spread our recruitment invoices over a scheduled time period which suited our requirements. This helped significantly with our cash flow and enabled us to execute upcoming projects and forecast accordingly.

The Results

Since we started our collaboration, ThinkersConnect have secured 63 employees for us (36 in technology, 27 in commercial), 13 more have accepted offers. ThinkersConnect were really efficient in their working manner. Their CV submission to interview and placement ratios were excellent.

ThinkersConnect intrinsically understood our culture and what makes a great Ve candidate. We will continue to work with them exclusively as we step into our next stage of growth.