Get to know ThinkersConnect – December 2015

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Get to know our team better by asking us questions, one serious & one frivolous, read their answers below:-

Q1: What are the most and least rewarding aspects of your job?

Q2: What is the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?


Alessandro – Senior Consultant – Technology Division

A1: The most rewarding aspect of the job is working with a candidate for a long time then finally placing them somewhere that really fits what they are or have been looking for. The least rewarding aspect is when things don’t go to plan. When you are working with people there are so many variables, things that can go wrong. It’s all part of the fun though!

A2: The worst present is a cup that says Alex on it (I don’t mind cups but my name isn’t Alex!)


Hareesh – Consultant – Technology Division

A1: The most rewarding aspect of my job is being able to work with some of the coolest start-ups in London. There are some extremely innovative people out there, with some amazing ideas and being able to collaborate with these guys, helping them grow, Is definitely a lot of fun. The least rewarding is counteroffers. Not always the case, but when it does happen it can be quite devastating. Especially when the candidate has gone through a lengthy interview process, lands the offer of their dreams, but then gets lured into staying as their company finally decide to give them a pay rise 🙁

A2: I’m not really the type to be ungrateful for a Christmas present, but my mum once got me a mini football that would play out the tunes of all the national anthems of each country participating in the 2006 Fifa world cup. As you can imagine, it was pretty cool at first, but it broke shortly after and was never to be seen again…


Luke – Researcher – Technology Sales Division

A1: I’d say the most rewarding part of my job is the feeling you get at the moment when you know that you have found a candidate that is going to be the perfect fit for a role… Obviously a LinkedIn profile can only give you so much information, so it’s always a great feeling when you’re speaking with a candidate about their short and long term goals, or the type of organisation they’d be keen on joining, and these all match up immaculately with the ambitions and requirements of a client. Regarding the least rewarding aspect it would probably be a close run race between an “interested” candidate suddenly seeming to have fallen off the face of the earth and having to give a candidate news of an unsuccessful interview.

A2: I guess it’s kind of subjective as to whether you think it was a good present or not but one year – when I was probably about eight or nine – I raced downstairs with my brothers to rifle through our presents and found that the biggest box around the tree had my name on the tag. Full of excitement I read out the attached message: ‘Luke, Merry Christmas! Lots of love, Mum and Dad xxx P.S. WOOF!!’ From the thinly veiled nature of that hint, plus the multiple holes in the side of the box and the fact I’d been begging my parents for a dog since I was nigh on able to talk, I assumed that my dreams had finally been realized and Santa had brought me my very own pup! Images of paw prints in the snow filled my mind as my family crowded round and I tore off the wrapping paper, brimming with anticipation. However, as I lifted the lid on the box and reached inside, ready to meet my new best friend, there wasn’t a single ‘WOOF!’ to be heard – instead the house was filled with raucous fits of laughter emanating from my darling parents and siblings. Rather than a wriggling little pup, I found myself cradling a limp, life-sized cuddly toy dog… Interestingly, I’ve still never had the fortune of owning a real dog to this day but Winston, as I named him whilst wiping away my tears with his woollen paws, keeps watch for intruders and insensitive parents from a shelf in my old bedroom.


Jamie – Contract Consultant – Technology Sales Division

A1: The most rewarding aspect of my job is working with an awesome team in a fun and collaborative environment! The least rewarding aspect is sitting at my desk all day and not getting out and about.

A2: Car de-icer!


Adam – Principal Consultant – Technology Sales Division

A1: Well, without doubt the most rewarding part of my job is helping people to either find their dream job (a lot of the time it doesn’t exist) or give them sound career advice about what their next step should be whether that is through ThinkersConnect or not. The least rewarding part of my job is the admin. Recruitment has a lot of back office admin that is required to keep the database up to date, complete commission sheets, etc. This is very time consuming and takes you away from the core consulting and delivery that recruitment revolves around.

A2: The worst Christmas present ever received was from my mother. 3 years ago, I was surprised to discover what I thought was a surf board propped up against the wall behind the Christmas tree. My mind began to race……. Has my dear old mum actually booked me a holiday to Hawaii (always wanted to go) complete with surf board……. Sadly no, it was an ironing board along with matching iron! I mean who even wraps an ironing board?????? Ever the practical parent my mum!


Matt – Senior Consultant – Technology Division

A1: Most rewarding is a combination of finding the right candidate after hours/days/weeks/decades of searching, and likewise finding a person a genuinely great job. Least rewarding would have to be when a placement doesn’t go through due to something unexpected, like a budget being cut, position being put on hold etc when you’ve been managing the process for weeks or months.

A2: Worst Christmas present – a pair of beige socks from my Great Uncle a few years back, which I couldn’t even ship off to my dad.


Charlie – Senior Consultant – Technology Division

A1: I genuinely do enjoy recruitment, especially at ConnectHQ. It’s good to not dread the thought of going to work on a Sunday evening. I think the most rewarding part of my job has to be split between two things; the team I’m a part of and placing a candidate who really appreciates the work you’ve done to help secure their dream job. On the flip side to that, I feel strongly about recruiters being ‘tarred with the same brush’ especially in the Technology world. Although I understand a lot of people’s frustrations, I do think a recruiter’s skill / attitude / work ethic / agenda should be judged on a case by case basis.

A2: Last year I was ‘gifted’ a print off receipt for a framed Heisenberg photo they pretended to buy me (but actually bought for themselves) for secret Santa. So basically I got a receipt for Christmas. It’s not all about the presents though…


Andrew – Researcher – Technology Division

A1: The most rewarding aspect of my job is hearing the excitement of candidates when you’ve got them a job they love… and then getting paid for it! The worst aspect is when your candidate receives an offer and they turn it down.

A2: The moment I realised my parents took a toy that I use to play with, wrapped it up and then gave it to me as a present again – I was 8 years old….


Ross – Head Of Technology Sales

A1: The most rewarding aspect of my job is building a successful and sustainable team whilst watching them be successful. It’s a bit like giving presents at Christmas rather than receiving them! The least rewarding – bad news (any bad news…)

A2: The worst Christmas present I’ve ever received was a PlayStation game…. I don’t own a PlayStation.


Jason – Senior Consultant – Technology Sales Division

A1: The most rewarding part of my job is working in harmony with both client and candidate with the end result being to successfully place a candidate and making all parties happy. The least rewarding is when something happens outside of your control which results in a placement not going through after months of work.

A2: I received a pair of “night driving glasses” from my Granddad, which obviously I was never going to wear.


Maddy – Senior Consultant – Technology Division

A1: Like most careers, working in recruitment has its ups and its downs; the good days, and then the really bad ones – you know, those days when everything is going wrong and it seems that nothing anyone can do or say can change that. But what I love about recruitment is how dynamic it is, and how quickly those bad days can be turned around by talking to a candidate who is genuinely so passionate about what they do. Gaining that insight into their world really makes all the difference, especially when we help them to land them their dream job. It’s also really rewarding to know that you’ve helped to build a team, contributing to the success of some of the brightest tech companies in London!

A2: I’m grateful for all the presents I receive!

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