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For the next in our series of ‘meet the team’ blogs we caught up with Matt Doe, Head of Tech at ThinkersConnect and put him on the spot! Here’s what he had to say…

Tell us about your team.

I have a great team! First up, we’ve got Maddy, our Senior Tech Consultant – she’ll be writing blogs too so watch out for those as she’s got a great perspective which needs to be heard. We also have our American in London, Andrew; he focuses on roles such as project management, business analysts and scrum masters. We’ve got Charlie, ThinkersConnect’s first ever employee, and he works predominantly on software development positions with an emphasis on C# and functional languages. Finally we have Hayden, our newbie. Hayden is tech-mad and always ahead of the curve(s) with any new product/software releases – he’s incredibly immersed in London’s tech start-up scene.

Together, we handle all the permanent tech placements here at ThinkersConnect. We’re close knit and highly motivated but importantly, my team is educated in their fields. They’re driven to find the best talent available using a targeted approach rather than the old-school scattergun method that is, unfortunately, still ever-present in today’s recruitment landscape.

You also need to be ahead of the curve as Head of Tech – how do you achieve this?

It’s all down to the highly proactive approach and close relationship that I have with my clients. I meet with them regularly, not just to deliver on a particular role they might need filling, but to understand their business as a whole. When I know where they’re headed, what they expect to be doing and what their growth plans are, I am able to be proactive, not just waiting for them to advertise roles.

What it is about your job that gets you excited about coming to work in the morning?

Having worked at a couple of typical agencies with outdated practices, I just knew Connect’s unique approach was for me. There’s a real focus on getting the right candidates for the right roles; we don’t get side-tracked by the menial tasks which can distract us from doing a great job. We’re trained to understand exactly what our clients’ requirements are by taking a General Assembly programming course. This covers the foundations of coding to building a website (backend and front end development), so we have first-hand experience of concepts and critical functions. We have a genuine desire to get under the skin of why a company needs a specific person and the skills they require. This in-depth insight, combined with a fantastic working environment and a great culture makes my job very exciting!    

There’s clearly uniqueness to ThinkersConnect’s approach, and to financing recruitment too. Can you tell us more about that?

Certainly – this, in my opinion, is one of the most important aspects of our disruptive model. It means that smaller start-up companies can scale-up as and when they need to without the crippling costs that most recruitment companies charge.

So, for example, if they need to hire five developers to get a product released in a certain timeframe to satisfy investors and funding criterion, we enable that by offering instalment payment plans rather than having to hire them all in one go with upwards of a 10% recruitment fee applied, which seriously impacts cashflow. We worked with a boutique media agency recently who applied this finance plan and it’s been a real success story. One of many, I’m happy to say.

We are flexible to the needs of the customer and that filters down to the hands-on consultative attitude we employ when dealing with clients.

Give us a top tip for a candidate interviewing for a role in a top tech company.

Simple – preparation. It’s all about the research. Know everything about the company. Be up-to-date with the tech they use. Find out about their tech stack and how that differs between teams across the business. Find out about who you are meeting and how you can find common ground. Our first meeting with a candidate is basically a first interview so we can assess where they are and if they need help with any of these areas. 

Thank you Matt, that was a great insight into what makes the Tech Team tick.

If you want to get to know the rest of the team at Thinkers Connect, check out our other meet the team blogs.

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