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We’re delighted to welcome Max Latimer to our team as Head of Contracts.

Our Operations Manager, Lisa Shalet grabbed a coffee with Max to find out what he’s going to be bringing to ThinkersConnect.  Here’s what he told her:

With 14 years in the industry, Max has a wealth of recruitment experience.  Always specialising in technology and digital roles, his career to date has included: seven years at Venn Group where he rose through the ranks to lead the contract division, he then went on to become an Associate Director recruiting SAP professionals across Russia and all European territories, and now Max has moved to us at ThinkersConnect to grow our contract division.
Congratulations on your new role!  You obviously specialise in contract positions – what is it about these kind of roles that excites you as opposed to permanent positions?

Contract roles deliver massive value to the customer. Really good contractors are ‘a solution to a problem’. A contract placement helps companies keep abreast of new tech developments without having to diversify from their core competencies or investing in unplanned expensive and time-intensive retraining. A dedicated and skilled resource, the people we place are a really important part of the HR mix, offering flexibility and, potentially, competitive advantage.

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed the more consultative ‘business solution focussed’ approach to recruitment. It’s a very client-focussed role being a contract recruiter so there’s a lot of business development, relationship management and nurturing involved. It also moves fast – which has always appealed to me!

Why ThinkersConnect?

I love what I do and the way in which ThinkersConnect are engaging with the market feels right. I’m incredibly pleased to be a part of it.

There’s a vision and an energy about ThinkersConnect that I admire. I really get a sense that the team here is doing something unique. The finance options it has made available, the thought leadership approach by considering interview processes and by coaching leaders to interview effectively… it’s exciting and new in the marketplace and I love that!

The diverse customer base is also appealing as I expect to be working with the biggest blue chips and start-ups alike.  ThinkersConnect looks at the whole value proposition to customers very differently to a lot of recruitment agencies, some of whom simply see the process as a monetised business. The guys here look to become genuine partners to their customers and candidates.

There’s a lot of talk about the company’s ‘disruptive commercial model’.  What does this mean to you?

To me, it demonstrates that the business is open to finding different approaches and ways of doing things. I can’t wait to take this unique approach to recruitment further.

What kind of clients can you add most value to?

It’s less about the industry and more about what’s happening within a specific organisation. I’ll be looking to partner with clients who have contract hiring needs through the digital, tech space so the ideal customer will be tech and software companies, e-commerce, retail, financial services and any big blue chip organisation going through massive transformation. I want my team to provide solutions to help them achieve their business and commercial goals.

The tech industry is renowned for moving fast; how will your department stay ahead of the game?

Move faster! I think it goes back to what I said earlier about partnering. As a business we have to closely align ourselves with key clients to understand their business needs and strategic plans from an IT and digital perspective for the coming year. We are then aware of everything that’s happening so we can be proactive rather than reactive, working alongside them to make it happen. By building a network of skilled contract resources that are the right fit for our customer portfolio, we are ahead of the game and can react quickly when challenged to.

EC1 is the mecca for tech start-ups and yet it’s well known that three out of four start-ups fail. ThinkersConnect has been successful in such a competitive environment so how do you plan to build on this?

For the first time we can offer clients contract solutions as well as permanent resources – in other words, a full portfolio of recruitment services. This kind of flexible resource, along with our innovative finance options, could be a huge benefit to a tech start-up in the early days and, as they develop, we will develop with them.

Thanks for your time Max! It sounds like exciting times are ahead and we look forward to seeing it all take shape.


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