Get to know us – Mar 2016

 In Meet The Family

Q1: In 5 words, describe a typical day at work in the ThinkersConnect office.

Q2: In 3 words, describe yourself as a child.


Gary Co-Founder & CEO

A1: Busy, innovative, fun, hard-working, biscuits

A2: Active, confident, annoying


Lisa – Operations Manager

A1: Banter, tweets, reports, IT, bonsai

A2: Dancing, music, Madonna


Kashan – Internal Recruitment Manager

A1: Twitter, LinkedIn, meetings, laughter & tea

A2: Always in wonderland


Kelly – Business Manager

A1: Food, spreadsheets, food, finance, food

A2: Answer for everything


Jason – Senior Consultant – Technology Sales Division

A1: Hardworking, frustrating, hilarious, rewarding, motivating

A2: Clumsy, mischievous, energetic


Luke – Researcher – Technology Sales Division

A1: Recruitment, laugh – recruitment – eat – recruitment

A2: Green Power Ranger


Maddy – Senior Consultant – Technology Division

A1: Lively, varied, dynamic, busy, and effervescent

A2: Full of energy


Hareesh – Consultant – Technology Division

A1: Exciting, interesting, fun, chilled  nail-biting

A2: Chubster, BMX, mischievous


Alessandro – Senior Consultant – Technology Division

A1: Interesting, exciting, roller-coaster, fulfilling, challenging

A2: Happy, cheerful, loving


Charlie – Senior Consultant – Technology Division

A1: Engaging, progressive, different, biscuits, collaborative

A2: Short, fat legs


Adam – Principal Consultant – Technology Sales Division

A1: Challenging, fulfilling, amusing, educational, fast-paced

A2: A true entrepreneur


Matt – Senior Consultant – Technology Division

A1:  Hot, cold, hot, cold, hot…

A2:  Captain of rounders


Andrew – Researcher – Technology Division

A1: You have a great moustache

A2: Hyperactive and difficult


Ross – Head Of Technology Sales

A1: Busy, positive, weird, recruitment, eating

A2: A cheeky chappie

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