Get to know ThinkersConnect – Feb 2016

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Q1: Why did you join ThinkersConnect?

Q2: What’s the last thing you took a picture of? (show the picture)


Gary Co-Founder & CEO

A1: There were a few key reasons I started ThinkersConnect; firstly I wanted to try repair the reputation of the recruitment industry and create an agency that businesses were proud to partner with. I also wanted to help start-ups scale by offering them flexible repayment terms. I love the start-up scene and like the fact we have implemented a service that can help them with their cashflow. Finally, I want to build a world class team of consultants internally. We’re only 2 years in but we’re on the right track!

A2: My little girl.


Luke – Researcher – Technology Sales Division

A1: I had been looking for the right opportunity to start my career in tech recruitment for a few months and was speaking with a number of other companies – however, as soon as I came in and met with Gary and the team, I immediately knew that I wasn’t going to find a better dynamic than we have here at Thinkers. Gary told me all about his plans for the business and made it clear that he was building something that was designed to cut through the negative image that has plagued the industry in recent times by creating positive and productive relationships with clients and candidates alike. Plus the free bar and breakfasts go down a treat…

A2: Why I was late for work…


Charlie – Senior Consultant – Technology Division

A1: I had a real gut feeling about ThinkersConnect when I joined back in March 2014. As one of the first employees, I had to have real confidence and belief in the direction Gary wanted the business to take as well as the family values he wanted to put in place, and I did. I also really liked the idea of working in a business that GENUINELY prides itself on not being a stereotypical recruitment agency; I think that’s one of the most important things to pursue in this type of industry.

A2: My new digs!


Ross – Head Of Technology Sales

A1: During the interview process I quickly realised that Gary and I had similar values and visions for a business; we shared a frustration with previous companies and we knew that building a culture within the core of any recruitment company is very important to keeping it alive. The responsibilities that I’d be taking on as the head of technology sales is another reason I joined, that and a free breakfast.

A2: Deliciousness.


Jason – Senior Consultant – Technology Sales Division

A1: I joined ThinkersConnect in April 2014 because it was an extremely exciting opportunity where I had the chance to be part of an exciting start-up environment, where we challenge the industry norms.

A2: I was showing Charlie how bad his hair looked and that he had to do something about it before a meeting.


Alessandro – Senior Consultant – Technology Division

A1: I joined ThinkersConnect because I admired Gary’s vision for the company and its values for its employees and clients.

A2: Breakfast of champions.


Jamie – Contract Consultant – Technology Sales Division

A1: I joined ThinkersConnect because of the opportunity to help grow a business and the great people!

A2: The last picture I took was of my brother trying on suit jackets for his wedding…


Maddy – Senior Consultant – Technology Division

A1: I joined ThinkersConnect because of the values at the heart of the business and the enlightened approach to recruitment.

A2: The last thing I took a picture of was the beautiful sunset on Barcelona beach.


Matt – Senior Consultant – Technology Division

A1: I joined because I was excited about the prospect of working in a start-up with three people, as well as having the freedom to work in my own way rather than having to rigorously follow a dated company structure that doesn’t work for everyone.

A2: This is the last photo I took. It’s Maddy and Charlie hard at work. They work so hard that I felt it should be documented.


Andrew – Researcher – Technology Division

A1: I joined ThinkersConnect because I believe in the family values of the company and saw myself fitting in well with the team.

A2: It’s a dog


Hareesh – Consultant – Technology Division

A1: I joined ThinkersConnect because it’s not your everyday Recruitment Agency. The start-up culture, combined with working with one of the fastest growing Tech companies in the UK seemed too good of an opportunity to miss. Not to mention the Thinkers family and free breakfast every day.

A2: Last thing I took a picture of was the Coding course myself and Pickup attended at General Assembly.


Adam – Principal Consultant – Technology Sales Division

A1: I joined ThinkersConnect because I was looking for a recruitment agency that did things a little differently. After meeting Gary and Paul (investor) I knew instantly ThinkersConnect was the place for me to further my career.

A2: My life.


Lisa – Operations & Digital Marketing Manager

A1: Upon meeting with Gary through a mutual colleague I was won over by Gary’s ambition and business acumen. The role on offer sounded perfect for my personality and skill-set, plus I relished the idea of being with a company right from it’s very conception – it is an exciting prospect to have the opportunity to learn and grow at the same time as the company you’re working for. Thankfully Gary continued to hire well which makes it a pleasure to enjoy my work and also to be surrounded by fabulous colleagues.

A2: Nadia helping us celebrate our ThinkersConnect 2 year anniversary.


Kashan – Internal Recruitment Manager

A1: As a fresh graduate, I was looking for experience within an office environment and luckily my sister who works in ThinkersPR heard of a summer interning position opening in ThinkersConnect perfect for a patient, organised lady like me. And I’ve been here since. I couldn’t have asked for a better workplace.

A2: The best pizza I’ve ever had…


Kelly – Business Manager

A1: GT seemed like he needed someone to help monitor his biscuit intake!

A2: A snapshot to try and scare my sister.

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