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It was a typical Friday afternoon in September 2015. I was busy creating various end of week reports for the bossman to review over the weekend. I certainly hadn’t allowed time for any celebratory news, fist-pumps & champagne in my hectic schedule. But, nonetheless, there it was, I had to block out the excited screams, ‘we’ve been nominated, we’ve been nominated’! We’d been nominated for the ‘Best Recruitment Website’ MARA Award (Marketing & Digital Recruitment Awards) – part of which I’d had a hand in creating. Could these reports wait? No, but could my excitement? Nope, that couldn’t either – wooooo hooooo – hard work really does pay off, we’re being officially recognised for our creativity and innovation and all round interesting and functional website!!


It all started when Gary (the bossman) decided he wanted a ‘disruptive’ visual theme for our website, based on our company slogan ‘Disrupting Digital Recruitment’. He visualised smashing up office equipment & throwing yellow paint over everything. Maybe there’s a frustrated kid inside that brain?
There was a great deal of effort that went into organising the shoot; we had to choose a studio based on location, size, lighting equipment and how much they minded if we got yellow paint on items. A slow-motion video camera was hired to capture the detail of movement in the paint splashes & breaking up of computer equipment. Then, there was all the equipment that needed to be gathered from various sources in order for it to be smashed up; new monitors wouldn’t smash well due to the more modern protective glass – who knew that those old brick VDUs would ever be preferable to the modern flat screen eh? Several cans of correct pantone coloured yellow paint, protective clothing, goggles, dust sheets etc all needed to join us on the shoot.


Photoshoot grid - MARA blog

Clearing up after the photoshoot was a complete nightmare, but, the whole effort was most certainly worth it. The photoshoot was the blueprint upon which the creative team at Ve Interactive could style the website in the ‘disruptive’ theme.




We’d found out about the MARAs in the summer of 2015 and decided to enter ourselves in the ‘Best Recruitment Website’ category. Once we found out we’d been nominated it was then up to Gary to decide who was worthy of obtaining a ticket to the much sought after Awards event. Eventually settling upon basing it on who had helped create the photo-shoot for the website & who brought in the highest number of clients in the most recent months. Four of us were chosen.


The big night was Wednesday 25 November 2015 where we made our way to the Hilton London Metropole for an evening of great food, great wine, great company and most importantly all the drum rolls involved in us getting more and more excited awaiting the announcement of our category.
To stem our excitement we enjoyed some very entertaining acts in the form of lookalikes David Brent & co, had our photo taken in the photo-booth, and made good use of the selfie stick provided (which took a few goes to get the hang of & resulted in many selfies of Jason which now take pride of place on his parent’s mantelpiece).


MARA pics collage v4


At last it was the announcement of our category. Were we going to be the big winners of the ‘Best Recruitment Website’ award? ……
Apparently not.
Yes, we’re disappointed – crushingly so, but, not to fear, we’re bigger than that…..there’s always next year.

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