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Being yourself, showing integrity, professionalism, expertise and honesty are integral to being successful in sales; then, you’ll need a great CV to promote yourself. Here are some tips to achieving exactly that:-


Eye-catching format

Remember that, regardless of what you actually put in your CV, the format is the first thing that is going to be noticed by a recruiter or employer reading it. Therefore it’s important to highlight your experience in a way that your most impressive skills stand out.
Consider taking a step back to think about what someone viewing it for the first time would think. Is the information too bunched up? Does the text that stands out represent your most noteworthy achievements?


Include many measurable achievement statements

Enhance them by using verbs (e.g. increased, launched, developed), that describe your responsibilities. Ensure these achievement statements are measurable in terms of money or percentages. Simple phrases such as “managed a sales team” can be truthfully expanded into “actively managed a sales team of 4 senior level sales consultants who generated a combined £1.5 million in sales in 2014”.


Numbers and figures, hitting targets & KPIs

It’s crucial to include numbers in your sales CV. Focus on detail such as how much revenue you (and your team) have generated and the percentage of your KPIs that you hit over a period of time in each of your roles. An example might be: successfully grew turnover from £1.8m in 2014 from my select accounts to £4.2m,  an over achievement 0f 134% of quota. Or, something along these lines: £1.2 million revenue brought in from creation of new logos – achieving 110% of my new business target.


Buzz words

While you should avoid boring clichés, the odd one or two sales-focused buzz words can make your CV interesting. Phrases such as “cold calling”, “new business acquisition” and “networking”, where relevant, are words hiring managers like to read on sales CVs.


Who have you sold to?

Employers want to know which businesses you have sold to and at what level because specific and relevant industry experience is an advantage in most jobs.


Give examples

Highlight and give examples of presentation, negotiation and communication skills


Grammatical errors

Spelling and grammar mistakes need to be avoided at all costs. To minimise the risk of including these, ensure you spell check the document and, if possible, get someone else to proofread your CV.


Suggested format

  • Name & contact details:
  • Personal Profile: Include unique selling points.
  • Key Achievements: Summarise achievements listed throughout your CV.
  • Work experience: Give details of employers, dates, responsibilities and achievements.
  • Education:
  • Personal achievements: List any achievements that can be relevant to the job
  • References available on request


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