About Connect


What we’re about

We started ThinkersConnect to build a recruitment agency that everyone who worked for us would be proud of. We want to be a business that helps organisations grow, not hinders them.

It’s true that the strongest code in our DNA is the desire to help everyone we encounter. We don’t want to be viewed as just “another recruitment agency”. ThinkersConnect was born to challenge the industry stereotypes, to be different, and to finally produce a recruitment service proposition that both clients and candidates respect.

We take great pride in being a far cry from our competition. We enjoy unearthing the talent that is hidden away from Job boards and LinkedIn. We excel at finding innovative ways to connect with these individuals using methods very few others have the ability to execute.

Family Values

Our family values are the fabric of our culture and the framework for the interactions we enter into on a daily basis both inside our office and out.


We’re dedicated to what we do and who we consult for.


It’s integral to the way we function and the way we treat our network.


We are a reliable team. If we say we can, then we will


We invest in ourselves to know as much about what you do, as you do.

Strong Relationships

We invest our time in meaningful relationships

Meet The Family

The lifeblood of ThinkersConnect is its people. We are a tight team of knowledgeable, dedicated and down to earth individuals. As close as a family, we are inspired to create a culture that truly motivates.

  • Gary Trueman
    Gary Trueman Co-Founder & CEO

    Loves Biscuits
    Hates Period Dramas
    Most used App Spotify
    Favourite website TechCrunch

  • Charlie Dyson
    Charlie Dyson Senior Consultant – Technology Division

    Loves Peanut Butter
    Hates Tim Westwood
    Most used App Pinterest
    Favourite website Instagram

  • Matt Doe
    Matt Doe Head Of Technology Division

    Loves Scrabble
    Hates Simon Cowell
    Most used App EA Golf
    Favourite website The Onion

  • Alessandro Scaringi
    Alessandro Scaringi Practice Lead – Midlands and the North of England

    Loves Cornetto
    Hates Dust in the eye
    Most used App Dropbox
    Favourite website YouTube

  • Kelly Lawrence
    Kelly Lawrence Business Manager

    Loves Salsa dancing
    Hates Being hungry
    Most used App WhatsApp
    Favourite website BBC Good Food

  • Hayden Green
    Hayden Green Senior Consultant - Technology Division

    Loves Beer
    Hates Warm Beer
    Most used App Apple Music
    Favourite website YouTube

  • Andrew Pickup
    Andrew Pickup Consultant - Technology Division

    Loves Travelling
    Hates Stinky tofu
    Most used App The Score
    Favourite website YouTube

  • Dan Hammett
    Dan Hammett Contract Consultant – Technology Division

    Loves People who contradict themselves
    Hates Hypocrites
    Most used App WhatsApp
    Favourite website ASOS

  • Hareesh Balendra
    Hareesh Balendra Consultant for Midlands and North of England

    Loves UFC
    Hates Mustard
    Most used App Spotify
    Favourite website StumbleUpon

  • Lisa Shalet
    Lisa Shalet Operations Manager

    Loves Dancing
    Hates Allergies
    Most used App WhatsApp
    Favourite website TED Talks

Want to join the ThinkersConnect family?

Are you looking to make your next move and like the sound of what we’re creating? If you are and thrive in the company of hardworking, driven and fun individuals, please fill out the application form or call us on 0203 137 5727.